A Chávena de Humanidade

O Cháismo é um culto baseado na adoração do que é belo entre os factos sórdidos da existência diária. (...) É uma tentativa terna de atingir algo possível nesta coisa impossível a que chamamos vida.

El teísmo es un culto basado en la adoración de lo que es bello entre los hechos sórdidos de la existencia diaria. (...) Es un intento tierno de alcanzar algo posible en esta cosa imposible a la que llamamos vida.

Kakuzo Okakura

quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

after all

suddenly you came into my life
or then my life came into you
with all these new and old winds and voices
hardly heard you and your voice was home
didn't realize the time was wrong
old goddesses were playing their awful games with us
so we moved and spoke and laughed and touched
and shared our distances in the weak land of trust

but now it's late at night and i miss your smell
my hands pointlessly look for your hair
your chest doesn't breathe beside me anymore
it's silence only cut by the few cars passing by

every place you stood in this white bedroom
has its own meaning in my memories
some places are your powerful eyes
some others are your care and softness

after all i sleep in this bed sheets made of my sky
while you peacefully breathe far from my touch
and your odour softly flies away from my life

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